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Via Vintage    Premium Member
Design inspiration for fashion enthusiasts including videos, DVDs, 50s & 60s Vogue magazines, classic vintage clothes and stylish accessories.

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Check out my new site for a complete listing of fashion runway videos and DVDs available from the VIDCAT archives.
   Vital Stats
Who are you and where are you located? 
I'm Janet and I'm located in New York City. 
What is your FASHIONDIG shop's specialty? 
My shop has magazines, catalogues and books for design inspiration and reference as well as classic vintage clothes and accessories. 
How long have you been collecting or selling your specialty? 
I've been collecting fashion magazines all of my adult life and started selling them when I opened my shop on FASHIONDIG. 
When did you open your shop on FASHIONDIG? 
I'm a co-founder of FASHIONDIG and opened my shop when the site first launched in January 2000. 

   Our Favorites
List your favorite fashion designers, decades or looks. 
My favorite look is the MOD Space-Age look of the mid-60s epitomized by Courreges. 
Where are your favorite places to dig for vintage finds? 
I'm always digging at weekend flea markets in NYC and vintage fashion shows around the NY area. 
What favorite items are currently in your closet? 
I have a black wool Courreges dress with black patent accents that I can wear as a mini-dress or as a tunic over a pair of slim pants. 
What are your favorite picks for future collectibles? 
Fashion magazines and auction catalogues are always in demand for designers and collectors. 

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