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Making A Comeback    Premium Member
Vintage,Funky,Fine & Fetish Fashions... A Handbag Heaven -Evening dresses and gowns worthy of the Red Carpet. Vintage inspired and accessories too. Always stocking the newest trends in Fashion. VINTAGE sparks Passion and IN STYLE is Grand. * Look for the Little Red Star *

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   Vital Stats
Who are you and where are you located? 
Avery, residing in Woodhills , CA  
What is your FASHIONDIG shop's specialty? 
From Modern Day Chic to the Classics. Purses with a twist. Love Lou Taylor Bags and Mike Benet Gowns, they are so beautiful and will always try to keep them in stock. I am THE MAD LISTER, so check back on a weekly basis. You won't want to miss a great find. If you see a purse you like but the tarnish or chain discourages you from purchasing it, let me know. I love to play purse doctor and can fix the tarnish with gold(silver) leaf paint.It really does wonders. I can also replace a chainlink strap. E-mail me with any requests. 
How long have you been collecting or selling your specialty? 
Never Can Stop Shopping WELCOME TO MY ADDICTION... I loved clothes since a was a kid, even went to college in NYC to study fashion. I was an owner of a vintage clothing store in the early 90's called Temple Of Fashion in Red Bank NJ. I am always shopping for cool and different clothes for myself . While in my searches I come across great stuff that I know others would appreciate. I decided that I should turn my addiction to a resouceful cause to both you and I. Well, enough about me. I hope that a certain piece of clothing,hat or bag can make you as happy as they do for me.  

   Our Favorites
List your favorite fashion designers, decades or looks. 
Love the Mod look for it's simplistic and futuristic style and the 50's for it's femininity. I do not have a favorite designer. I like a garment if it makes my eyes light up with excitment.Update 3-30-04-I am really digging Vintage Vera dresses and tops. 
Where are your favorite places to dig for vintage finds? 
I leave no stone unturned. My motto is SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND. 
What favorite items are currently in your closet? 
My Tod's purses and black and white clothing. My Japanese Chin (Miss Trixie The Amazing Prixe)and I match when we go out on the town.She is colored like a Skunk. Favorite vintage piece is a Hunter Green suede 70's shirt jacket from France and my Baby Pink leather trench coat with super fluffy pink fox collar.Everyone loves it so much I am afraid of getting coatjacked. I just started collecting velour carpet purses from the 60's and 70's. 
What are your favorite picks for future collectibles? 
I'll take a guess and say VERSACE because of it's sometimes tacky and unique look. LOU TALYOR purses from ITALY - I LOVE EM! The man was brillant with his swivel two sided mirror design. 

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